The Legend Steve Gorlin’s Golden Rules

Podcast: The legend Steve Gorlin's Golden Rules

Shortly after Thalidomide became a household word—albeit a very, very bad one—a biotech investor bought it for a couple hundred grand. Who on earth would want a drug pulled from the market for causing birth defects? Steve Gorlin did.

Today, Thalidomide is the foundation of cancer drugs worth billions of dollars. Gorlin doesn’t own it anymore, but the story of how he got it is just one of the experiences that contributed to the codification of his “golden rules.” Following those rules has paid off. SIx of the companies he’s founded achieved valuations, or sold, for more than $1 billion each. This week, the Business of Biotech sits down with the legendary biotech investor Steve Gorlin, now CEO of CoRegen, for a conversation on his golden rules for picking winners.

Listen to Steve Gorlin’s inspiring interview here

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