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Cancer Cannot kill what it cannot Engage: 
Solution CoRegen

  • We’ve found–and patented–a novel way for the immune system to attack cancer by modifying Treg cells
  • Enhancing the immune system’s ability to infiltrate and destroy cancer

"Its hard to imagine in 2054 that only thirty years ago they were cutting out cancer with knives, burning it with radiation and poisoning it with drugs. Were it not for the science of CoRegen, we would still be doing it that way.”

CoRegen is:

  • Breakthrough
  • Disruptive
  • Platform
  • Scalable

Currently approved immune checkpoint modulator biologics only inhibit a single target at a time.

CoRegen’s approach targets the expression of multiple immune checkpoint target genes, leading to a superior anti-tumor effect when compared to exiting single-target immune checkpoint biologic drugs.

Impressive Efficacy

Eradicates triple negative breast cancer, blocks pancreatic cancer growth and stops stroke tissue damage in preclinical models

CoRegen’s Disruptive Technology Advances Gene Editing Therapy

  • Use of genetically altered cells to treat disease requires adoptive cell transfer which can be effective but is expensive and complex
  • We are developing a ‘therapy in a bottle’ to accomplish genetic
    engineering of blood or other cells with an injectable biologic that can
    be administered anywhere they can start an IV
  • Far reaching disruptive technology that could replace most adoptive cell therapies

The concept of an in vivo, cell and tissue directed Cas9 fusion protein can be broadly extended to include any cell-targeting antibody and any sgRNA to target any of the ~20k genes in the human genome

  1. Infused engineered SRC-3 KO Treg infiltrates into tumors
  2. Cancer-killing immune cells are now able to function within tumors
  3. The combined actions of SRC-3 KO Treg and immune effector cells eliminate tumors


  • T memory cell population is increased in animals treated with engineered SRC-3 KO Treg cells
  • Smaller number of engineered SRC-3 KO Treg dominate over existing normal Treg cells within tumor tissue
  • SRC-3 KO Treg attract CD8+, CD4+ and NK tumor killing effector cells into tumors

In Summary

  • First-in-Class: Platform Technology
  • Disruptive: Immune therapy that has no toxicity or off-target effects
  • Paradigm Altering: Platform technology with potential to address a wide variety of conditions