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Over 45 years of research, 700+ publications and a relentless tenacity to finding the molecular underpinnings of coactivators and their relationship to the immune system form the backbone upon which CoRegen was created.

CoRegen is a biopharmaceutical company exploiting its revolutionary master gene regulator platform to treat cancer and other malignant and high intensity chronic illnesses. Although the CoRegen platform has a wide range of potential therapies it will initially focus on select cancers.

Over the last five decades Dr. Bert O’Malley, CoRegen’s Principal Scientist and Director, has become known as the Father of Molecular Endocrinology. His groundbreaking research and discoveries are poised to dramatically alter the understanding and treatment of a wide range of serious illnesses. Dr. O’Malley has built and trained a world class team of scientists to further his research and lead the scientific transition from the lab to the clinic with a goal to bring therapies to market that improve and save lives.

While Dr. O’Malley was busy changing the landscape of endocrinology, Steve Gorlin, CoRegen’s Executive Chairman and CEO, spent the last four decades identifying drugs, therapies and medical devices within educational institutions and commercializing them. Industry veterans refer to Steve as one of the most prolific biotech entrepreneurs in the country having founded six companies that reached a valuation over $1 billion, including one company that reached over $2.5 billion and one company that reached over $14 billion.

The Company’s expertise in product commercialization coupled with a revolutionary therapeutic platform and a world class scientific team dramatically increases CoRegen’s opportunity for success.

Mastering the master regulators of gene function O'Malley Lab

Starting in 1970s and continuing to today, the O’Malley lab has been a pioneer in the research, development, and the therapeutic potential of steroid receptor coactivators (SRCs)–which turned out to be the long sought after ‘master regulators’ of genetic function. 

45 years of research

400 papers on gene regulation

300 papers on coactivator role in disease

“The promise of this therapeutic approach and the science behind it is unlike anything I’ve seen before. This is a game changer, a groundbreaking approach that can benefit millions.”

Steve Gorlin, CEO