The Future of
Cancer Therapy
The Future of
Cancer Therapy
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Our Key Discovery:

Empowering the immune system to attack cancer is the key to treating it.

We’ve identified one gene out of >22,000 genes in a key cell type (Treg) that when engineered enables the destruction of cancer cells

Our strategic relationship with
Baylor College of Medicine
provides CoRegen access to world-class infrastructure, labs and scientists.

A World-Class team brings a medical breakthrough to market

  • Our novel approach has the potential to more effectively treat multiple types of cancer–without toxicity, inflammation, or off-target effects
  • Our scientific team consists of pioneers in molecular endocrinology with over 700 publications 
  • Extensive infrastructure already in place
  • Strong partnership with Baylor, a large equity holder
    • 45 years and $55M+ invested in research
  • Compelling preclinical results–on multiple aggressive forms of cancer
  • Strong patent portfolio and a robust pipeline

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